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What is Door OS?

Door OS is a free Operating System for you
and your friends. You can download it
copy it, redistribute it, modify it, ...

Why Door OS?

You should use Door OS to get the full potential of you Computer.

But remember Door OS is still in the Alpha stage so it isn't for your daily use!


Door OS is (and will always be) OpenSource that means you can use it free. Share it with your friends, redistibute it, modify it, and so on.
You also can use it for multimedia, Photo and Video Editing, writing Blogs, chat with your friends, read e-mails, being up-to-date in your social network, over million other things.

Door OS comes with:
Gnome Linux GNU License

Licesed under the General Public License


Get involved to help us with this project. Write us if you are want to develop Door OS